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Had to go to a different company. Was easy to book online Cons: I had sent my employee down to Vegas. I wanted to get her all set up so that all she had to do was pick up the car. Long story short No availability or size choice Pros: Friendly customer service Cons: Never have the selections made for reservation. Pawns off old or inefficient fuel vehicles over what's selected.

Vehicles aren't cleaned. Told insurance purchased isn't covered for rental. E-Z car rental is also the Advantage rentalscompany. Excellent service and convenience Cons: We made special car type request not red v-8 convertible mustang at front counter which we were told couldn't be honored. They gave us red four cylinder mustang. However, the check out desk was able to meet request. Will not use again due to experience Pros: The service agent was friendly. The rental had a full tank. The selection was extremely limited. Did not have the type of car I selected.

Informed me the insurance I purchased was not going to work with the rental and advised to purchase additional insurance. Car was extremely dirty and damaged. Demanded a security deposit due to "upgrade". Concerned entire time of rental. We waited over 2 hours to pick up our car. Meanwhile all the other car rental companies had their customers cars quick with no lines. Used car never cleaned out Pros: Newer van drove nice. They gave me a van that someone just dropped off and it was full of trash including cereal that was spilt all over the floor. The return went smooth Cons: They kept after me for more money.

Buy this, you have to have that. The price is low, and the car was reliable. It takes two shuttles to get from the airport to the Fox lot, the staff at the counter wasn't very friendly, the facility is dilapidated, and the car was of mediocre cleanliness. Flight was delayed due to mechanical problems. Tried calling Fox to ask that the car be held so that when new flight came in there would be a car.

Customer-service representative was rude and unhelpful. Would not give a "yes" or "no," just a "we'll see based on car availability. They charged me a fee on a 6 day rental for returning car 1 hour 50 minutes early, yes, early, from estimated time at beginning of rental. Car was good, staff was friendly. The location from the airport is too far and requires a shuttle transfer after you take a shuttle to the main rental car center.

The rental car facility is a dump. Overall never make a reservations with Fox Car rental! Drop off was great. Pick up took forever. Shuttle was delayed, check out was exhaustingly slow. Insufficient workers for volume of people. Easy online access. Poor service and cars smell like smoke. Their advertisement does not reflect the true company. Pick up and drop off were easy. The car smelled really weird. Was actually quite unpleasant at first, but it seemed to wear off over the week with the car.

Drop-off was easy Cons: They added extra insurance, even though I declined the coverage. I was distracted with a cranky toddler and didn't notice right away, and didn't want to deal with it afterward, but it ended up costing more than double my initial reservation cost. Abandoned in vegas in middle of night Pros: Fictional low prices.

At least they didn't charge me, I think. I didn't like having to find a rental in the middle of the night. They work with these booking agencies and airlines but they don't work when flights are late. The other major rental companies were open. Thankfully Fox car rentals was open, with very reasonable rates, especially since I needed a car on the spot without a reservation because economy failed me. Fox was good. Economy will never get my consideration, let alone my business. Worst online rental ever Pros: That I didn't rent the car what didn't you like Cons: Everything that was on the Internet was not with was at the car rental place terrible service Internet wise and car rental wise.

Don't believe the price quote Cons: I was charged WAY more than the originally quoted price on the website. The guy at the at the rental desk when I went to pick up hassled me about insurance, and let me believe that when all was finally said and done an hour later that the price difference didn't actually end up being much more.

He also claimed that he upgraded me to a "luxury four-door vehicle" because it was my birthday, but I never reserved a 2-door compact to begin with. It was all sketchy from the beginning. I had problems adjusting my reservation to make it longer 8 days once it was booked. It was really difficult to even find a number to call to talk to an actual person. I had problems with email confirmations.

I had to take two shuttles to get their Las Vegas rental center which isn't recognized on GPS, by the way, and goes by the name of Verve. The only nice thing about this was the car -- I liked what I drove, and it was clean -- and the shuttle driver was very nice. Even so, I will never book with Economy again. The hidden costs and extreme difference in quoted price vs. Poor Pros: Car was small Car was dirty I had a 7 am flight and there was no shuttle service available before 7 am.

So I had to pay for a taxi too. Economy Las Vegas rental car was far and a way the worst experiences I have had with a rental agency or any company for that matter. They were embarrassingly slow, rude and incompetent. I have traveled with business for over 20 years and they win the prize. The shuttle driver to and from the airport was very nice. Our rental did not come with a license plate. It had a registration card in the front window but that didn't stop the police from pulling us over for not having a license plate.

Also the car I booked was through economy renta but was outsourced to verve rental which I have never heard of.

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They wanted put a hold on my credit card for way more than my actual rental cost which I was not aware of at the time of booking. Courteous and Cheap in Las Vegas Pros: I rented two vehicles back-to-back. The compact was ideal for us and very good gas mileage, It was ready when we arrived. We returned it for a 7 passenger van. It was a comfortable vehicle. Fit all of us well. The staff was helpful. We did have a hiccup with the van but the staff took care of it, Prices are competitive. We even got a credit when we returned the vehicle early.

Their rental place is farther from the airport than the others. We had to take a free shuttle from Economy to reach their location. Great Customer Service with Personality! Loved everyone from the shuttle driver to the customer rep - great experience - and fun! The car was perfect but the windows were streaked.

Cars were cheap. The car rental was located a long ways from the airport and the shuttle didn't come. We had to pay for an uber to get to the airport to catch our flight. Plus, they charge you an "airport transit fee" even though we didn't use their shuttle. Many of the cars didn't have license plates, which seemed sketchy.

They dropped me off at my hotel and picked me up the next day since they didn't have my car available. The vehicle was not available when I arrived, they didn't have a van until the next morning. The car did not have license plates and I was concerned someone stole them. I've never driven a rental without plates.

I had a very difficult time getting in touch with anyone and so I just showed up at the office. They told me the tag was the temporary registration which was fine however, I would have preferred to not spend anymore time of my vacation at their office. They said it's hard to get ahold of them by phone and if anyone has questions they should just come to their office.

What kind of business disregards their phone customers? The driver of the shuttle bus was giving my younger brother tips on where to get a fake ID Had a small problem with the car, and they took care of us, reimbursing us for our troubles. Great van for our trip Pros: Tall height of van made it very comfortable for everyone. Great storage space in back of van to carry our luggage. Everyone on the trip was very comfortable. The van was very clean and handled well. We had 6 adults and 5 children, including a one year old and three year old in car seats that were provided with the van.

Excellent service Made our trip very enjoyable! Giant operation Pros: Quick and easy drop off. Car rental return is a little confusing. Good price Pros: Easy to reserve. GMC yukon Pros: The car was high quality, had inbuilt gps and awesome to drive. The car was pre booked and ready on my arrival. Staff was friendly and very helpful. Car was reasonably priced Cons: The car had a change engine oil soon warning every time it was started. Great service Pros: The staff was super friendly and helpful.

We definitely got a car within the scope of our reservation. Never even got there Cons: We had to reschedule due to our flight being cancelled because of the storm that smothered the Northeast. Neither the customer service rep nor 3 different managers were able to honor our original rate, and could only offer a rate double what we had been quoted.

Went with AVIS and we weren't disappointed. Smooth sailing Pros: Quick and easy pick up and drop off. Large selection of cars and SUVs to choose from. Great Customer Service Pros: I love being able to choose the car I want from what's on the lot. After a day, I wanted to exchange the vehicle it didn't have Bluetooth audio and we had a long drive ahead of us and I was able to do it with no problem.

The attendant actually brought out an upgraded vehicle all ready to go.

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I was charged for a refuel for almost a half tank of gas, when I had filled the tank right before dropping it off. Again, great customer service: I got a refund with no problems. No credit card disclosure Pros: Rep was kind and professional. Due to financial reasons we cannot have a credit card. After we reserved online we tried to pick up the car and couldnot because we only had a debit card. Great experience! The rental transaction was fast and professional.

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I hadnt specified hybrid but that's what they gave me. Great car, economical and quiet. I got scammed Pros: When I went to the counter to pick up my car they said they could not give it to me. Good car and friendly service but hidden fees Pros: Good car, friendly service Cons: Intransparent upselling and bad communication on what you booked on top of original rental Car was dirty even though "brand new".

Not impressed with Advantage Pros: Price Cons: Staff not very helpful and didn't provide good customer service. Everything seemed an effort. Fine car could have been a bit cleaner Pros: Comfortable car, smooth easy return at airport Cons: I thought a spouse was automatically insured on a car in Nevada but it wasn't. This meant my wife couldn't drive, unless we paid about half again of the rental price, which was limiting. They tried to give me a car similar but also not available and let me choose out of the available cars which were all Nissans..

Rental went as it should without issues. Car windshield dirty inside. Very easy drop off Staff was nice at drop off. Pickup was a hassle. The front counter rep acted put out that I didn't want the extra insurance. I know thats their job. But when someone tells you "no" don't act upset and then make the customer wait because your mad. Need 2 shuttle to reach car this place. Car was dirty.

Needs 2 shuttle to reach here. First 1 shuttle from airport to main car rental and car rental to this place. Car was dirty and needs 2 shuttle to reach here. Great car, great service Pros: Everything Cons: Good prices and no line. Not in the rental car center but right across the street. I did get the car I booked. They announced just at Pros: The replacement car was very clear, almost new. Discount proposed as compensation. It was not the category booked. No substitution proposed.

I try to cancelled my reservation 4 times can't ge Pros: I try to calls NuU car the numbers provided is not working number-number is not good. You all need to update the correct number that your customers can be reach. The number you provides was not a good number. Need to update the correct phone numbers. The company is a fraud Cons: The company doesn't exist and the customer service number is disconnected. I didn't realize this until I arrived at the airport to pick up my rental. I've called kayak to voice my displeasure.

Again this company is a fraud Had to change reservation through counter You the man Mike. Less-than-helpful staff watched me struggle with my luggage through two doors before acknowledging me and then trying to sell me something unrelated. They were overbooked and had no car for me.

I called next and still had no answer for me , only told me that nothing could be promised to me. Good service, car condition,and price. The reps at the counter and the shuttle driver were all very friendly! The one big drawback was that from the Las Vegas airport, you HAVE to take only their shuttle to the airport car rental depot, only to find that ACE rental was offsite so I had to wait 15 mins for the Ace shuttle to show up. On the return however, I returned the car when the Ace shuttle was there and it only took less that 20 mins to take the 2 shuttles needed to get back to the airport!

Getting to this rental center is ridiculous Cons: Horrible experience. When the second shuttle showed up after about 15 minutes of us waiting , it had about 6 seats, and there were way more than 6 people waiting. So, we ended up taking a cab rather than wait another 30 minutes for another shuttle. Although Ace was supposed to be pretty cheap, we ended up taking a cab twice between the rental center and airport, which made it basically double what we were supposed to pay.

Good clean car Cons: It was a double transfer - at the off airport rental car site we had to wait for another van to take to our rental car pick-up site. We had to wait an hour for that van. Office was run down, the car was filthy. Pick up and drop off was very unimpressive. DO NOT use this company!!!!!!!! First of all, they didn't have our car or any other mid size sedans we reserved, so they offered us a bigger car but charged us more for it.

They acted like they were doing us a favor. It was You have to take 2 shuttles to get to the disgusting warehouse. Our car was filthy. Food was left in the 3rd row seats. The other seats were stained. Hand prints all over the windows and dirt on the outside. Very poor business practices.

I feel they over book, and good luck to you in getting a car. Price, shuttle driver. Staff Cons: Slow pickup process. Car could have been cleaner Worst customer service ever! First let me start with when I searched and booked the rental car is was for pick up at McCarren Airport Rental Car location. Then a week before I actually pick up the rental I get an email that its changed to another site 15 minutes from the airport pick up. Then I land, and get to the airport rental airport location in no time.

I saw Fox, and Signx 3 times. I called the local number on the instructions twice. No answer. I called the corporate office. Got a hold of someone there. They even tried to call the local office and got no answer! Awesome customer service! I finally take a Fox shuttle per corporate advice. They told me they were in the same building now. Finally get to Fox. Then have to walk a mile in the degree weather to ACE. Come to find out the building is marked as Economy, not ACE.

Finally get to ACE Economy building. After the walk I see a frig that says water available. Myself and the other couple start to check in. We proceed to tell them about the shuttle not coming. She said the person that just checked in came off the shuttle. The couple actually asked the person, and he said he had to take the Fox shuttle as well.

When the lady got caught in a lie she got upset and told the person to stop videoing and leave the building. She wasn't video anything. I could see her phone. Management still told them to leave. That was messed up! Employee in the wrong, so the customer had to leave. Actually canceled their reservation and walked to Fox and got a vehicle. It was labeled with Economy. NO where on any paperwork, email, etc. Worse rental of any kind in my life. I will never use or recommend ACE for anything! The come changed names Cons: When we arrived in Vegas, a company named Economy had taken them over and moved them to a different address.

It quite odd. The location is not even at the remote rental lot. It's off off lot. You have to take 2 shuttles to get to a rental lot that feels more like a kill room than a classy rental location. Very bad experience all around. The best rental experience ever. They are a very proactive company and made sure knew what I needed before I needed it. They were truly amazing. Nice car and good service Pros: Nice Audi that drove great.

In-car Wifi didn't seem to work, but wasn't a deal breaker. Workers were courteous and professional. Had some trouble with app in getting started, but the Silvercar representative was helpful. Could be inconvenient during peak times. Awesome first experience! Thought I try out this service, considering it's a luxury rental and they had a promo for first time renters. Went better than I expected. Great customer service, Rommie waited for me to get off the bus at the RentACar and helped me into my audi A4 quick.

Easy, no hidden fees, everything was upfront on the app. The drop off was easy too, Jonny got me to my bus stop after checking in the vehicle, again they were fast and made it super easy. No lines, no service table, just get picked up and dropped off. You get what you pay for, great brand spanking new car!! Will definitely rent again!

Pleasant customer service agent The rental company loaned us two coolers for use during van rental period without charging for them Cons: One of the seatbelts in the front row of the van was not working and self released a number of times, putting the passenger at risk. By the time we noticed it was a repeating failure, we were too far away from the rental company to return to exchange for a safer van.

We were able to rearrange seating to ensure all our passengers safety. Full-size Ford Mustang Convertible or similar is the most frequently booked hire car type in Las Vegas. In the last 72 hours the cheapest hire car price was found at Budget West Sahara Avenue 7 miles from the city centre.

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Take a look at our extensive car hire location map to find the best hire cars near you. Drivers will find all sizes of vehicles to be perfectly comfortable to drive in Las Vegas. Oversized vehicles are, in fact, the norm, with many stretch limos visible on the streets of the Las VePetrol Strip at all hours. However, for potential renters, whatever vehicle is most comfortable for you and your party is truly the best choice in Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, speed limits start at 25 mph and range between that and 35 mph on the majority of the streets in the city. Thoroughfares are the next tier up, often posting speeds of 45 mph. Outside the city on highways and interstates, the speed limits tend to stick to 65 mph in the near vicinity of the city and increase to 70, 75, and 80 mph as you get further out. Petrol prices in Las VePetrol are on the more expensive side of the spectrum when compared to other metropolitan areas in the United States.

Parking is of mixed availability in Las Vegas, with streetside parking being highly limited while private parking is abundant. In general, drivers are advised to stick to garages and private parking areas, especially if they plan on visiting the Strip, where streetside parking is non-existent. Skip to main content.

Same drop-off Different drop-off. Driver's age:. Cheap Car Hire in Las Vegas. Las Vegas car hire reviews and directory. All Alamo reviews. Staff very helpful, easy pick up and drop off. The vehicle has strong odor from smoking. Loved it, my favorite rental company! Same as above. All Enterprise reviews. Pick up was so fast. All Avis reviews. All Budget reviews.

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Drop off eay Cons: Waiting in line. All Dollar reviews. Better than expected Pros: Pleasant surprise! I wasn't allowed to rent the car I had reserved. All Hertz reviews. All Thrifty reviews. Easy service. Great Jeep with low miles. Rated no. All Payless reviews. Las Vegas Blvd - Stratosphere Hotel. All Advantage reviews. E-Z Rent-A-Car. Allow me to rent the car.

Worst experience! All Fox reviews. Not make people wait so long for service. Economy Rent a Car. All Economy Rent a Car reviews. The workers were so nice and helpful. All National reviews. It was excellent. All Europcar reviews. Never more. NU Car. All NU Car reviews. All Ace reviews. If you don't mind a bus ride it could save you a couple of taxi fares trying to get a more reasonably priced rental. Dollar Rental is at Treasure Island.

There is one at Paris ,it's Hertz I believe. They have been extremely unhelpful to me in the past. Short walk from Flamingo. Enterprise will pick you up at your hotel and if you are lucky they will also drop you back. We have used them 3 times in Vegas and always had great service. We will probably just bite it and use Hertz in Paris. Thanks for all of your help. Las Vegas. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Travel feed: Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox.

Strip car rental locations. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Las Vegas forums. All forums. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. What are the most popular tours in Las Vegas? See all. Special Offer. Destination Expert for Michigan. Ask a question. Wynn offer code 4: See All Las Vegas Conversations. Related hotels Show Prices. Vegas Motel. Bellagio Las Vegas. Lucky Motel.

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. All hotels in Las Vegas Learn more about. See all Las Vegas resources Provided by: Top questions about Las Vegas. Disabled access; mobility information; Dialysis services; Hospitals; Scooters First time visitor- what should I know? Includes places to see and things to pack! Top 10 things to do and see Money saving tips! Birthday freebies! Hoover Dam; 2.

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